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To book a fight, one must look past the zaniness

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To book a fight, one must look past the zaniness

Postby TheBabyRhino » Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:10 pm

To improve a fighter, you need to make sure they have access to the arts, i.e., they need to be exposed to boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu etc. They also need to fight in order to hone these skills. Fighters get better at fighting by fighting. Getting them the fights they need has been the bane of my existence ha ha.

Gamst could be kind of zany, especially at the end there, but irregardless of how he wound up, he did get a lot of the fights that helped our team improve. And even at his worst, he was probably more well adjusted than the current group of promoters.

Bjornberg I believe has more of a split personality than Sybil. He could be charming and gregarious one minute, and then vile and frothing at the mouth the next. The mood swings and multiple phony monikers on this forum give credence to a fragmented psyche. Don't believe me? trace back the URL of those sock puppets to a computer in Shakopee.

And the quirkiness!Jeremy is the only guy I know who watches the food network with his pants off. You could make the argument that he has an affinity or perhaps a fetish for 135 pound clean cut males, but I think he moved the mirror that was above his bed and put it on the ceiling above his kitchen table.

Yet, the man can set up fights! And he always answered his phone.

Because of all the zaniness, I thought I needed to fill the gap for my team and started my own promotion. I did get my guys some good fights, but my attempt at promoting has to date been so woefully unsuccessful at the gate that I need to look again outside ourselves to find some match ups.

I called and wrote another match maker, and agreed upon a verbal contract, but was told that the promoter who needs to ok the match up has their phone turned off. So they can't move forward on setting up a fight until he turns it on.

I texted a different one, and didnt hear back if the fight was a go for two weeks.

So in hindsight,maybe a little zaniness was something that I should have overlooked ha ha...
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