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Oct 22

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Two new champions crowned in Austin Print E-mail
Written by Ben Pherson   
Monday, 20 March 2017 08:19

Driller Promotions has two new champions.

A-Town Throwdown XI featured several spectacular finishes, and the 13-fight event saw two new champions crowned Saturday in Austin.

The night's main event was a pro fight between Minnesota's Deangelo Curtis and Wisconsin's Jonas Flok.

Flok controlled much of the first round, but Curtis did a great job of avoiding submission attempts throughout the round.

Early in the second, Curtis appeared to find his groove on the feet. His striking was crisp and he


seemed to gain some early momentum. But Flok was again able to get the fight to the ground, and this time he got the finish. Flok locked up a triangle choke at got the submission 1:13 into the opening frame.

Two title fights got the crowd going Saturday. The night's first title fight was for the Driller 135-pound belt. That title was held by Sean Strube, but he's turning pro, so the title was vacated.

Both James Krause-Simmons and Eliot Jurries came out firing, setting an incredible pace. Both fighters landed solid kicks early, but after the action pushed up against the cage, a scramble ensued. Krause-Simmons, who trains at Pura Vida in Wisconsin, won the scramble and went straight to Jurries' back. He locked in the rear-naked choke and got the finish 1:03 into the opening round.

Krause-Simmons improved to 5-0, while Jurries dropped to 4-2.

In the night's other title fight, belt-holder Juan Hernandez squared off against Jay Paulson for the Driller lightweight title. Both fighters landed heavy shots early, once again setting a fantastic pace.

During one early exchange, Paulson landed and cut Hernandez. After that exchange, the fight hit the ground, with Paulson scrambling into top position. He rained down punches until Hernandez offered his back, and Paulson quickly locked in the rear-naked choke. Hernandez was forced to submit at 1:53, giving the Imperial prospect the belt.

Austin's own Bobbe Dulitz scored a big knockout win Saturday. Dulitz took on Jesse Hernandez, who stepped up on short notice. Hernandez fought just two weeks earlier, but he came through clean and stepped up when presented the opportunity to fight again.

Hernandez had Dulitz in a deep armbar early. But Dulitz lifted Hernandez up off the ground and slammed him to the mat, knocking him out for the KO win at 1:26 of the first round.

Weston Droegemueller took on Andy Foss in a 145 showdown featuring two solid prospects. Droegemueller was an elite high school wrestler, but Foss is one of Pura Vida's better prospects.

Droegemueller had a solid first round, but the fight was back and forth throughout. Droegemueller looked for submissions for much of the first and had some good ground and pound.

But in the second, Foss picked up steam. He found his range on the fight and clipped Droegemueller early in the round. Foss dropped Droegemueller, and the ref jumped in quickly to stop it, giving Foss the KO win at 1:02 of the second.

Robert Confer stepped up on extremely short notice to take on Giovanni Alvarado. Confer accepted the fight just three days earlier, but he may have turned in his best performance.

There were a few good exchanges on the feet early, but that sent Alvarado shooting for a takedown. On the takedown attempt, Confer locked in an arm-in guillotine choke. He cranked it and got the finish, forcing the submission just 1:15 into the first round.

Local prospects Robert Andrews and Dustin Klapperick both had fantastic nights. The Austin fighters both remained unbeaten with big wins.

Andrews faced a game Josh Ruiz at 145. Ruiz recently acquired his blue belt. Ruiz dominated the first round, taking Andrews' back early and remaining in that dominant position for most of the round. But Andrews calmly fought off every submission attempt.

The second round belonged to Andrews though. He got the finish 1:46 into the round by rear-naked choke. Andrews, who's an Impact Martial Arts product, improved to 2-0.

Klapperick moved to 3-0 following an impressive win over Ramiro Rivas, who came in 1-0. Klapperick and Rivas were back and forth early, with both fighters landing heavy hands.

An accidental groin strike stopped the round briefly when Klapperick connected with Rivas' cup. But following the break, Klapperick dominated, forcing the action up against the cage and then landing a knee to the body that dropped Rivas. He was unable to recover, and the ref jumped in to stop it, giving Klapperick, who trains at 7th Street MMA in Austin, the TKO win at 2:19 of the first round.

Joey Hart and Cesar Mercado engaged in the fight of the night. It was the only fight to go the distance.

The opening round was very close, with both fighters controlling portions of the round. Mercado controlled most of the frame, especially early but Hart ended the round well.  Hart had been dropped earlier in the round, but he recovered nicely.

The second round was high-paced, with Hart getting the better of Ruiz. Hart landed some vicious leg kicks and just missed with a few other big kick attempts. Hart controlled the round, though, and the fight went to the third.

Mercado bounced back in the third, but it was another close round. Both fighters landed big shots in another high-paced round.

The fight went to the judges scorecards. One judge scored it 29-28 for Mercado. Another judge scored it 29-27 for Hart. The final judge scored it 28-28, meaing Hart and Mercado fought to a split draw. Though nothing was decided, Hart and Mercado were very deserving recipients of the fight of the night awards.

Henry Pendleton made a success debut against Leon Delgado. This was in the mix for fight of the night and would have taken it had Hart-Mercado not been so incredible.

The striking in this fight was outstanding, with both fighters landing big kicks and using relentless jabs. The first round was close, and in the second, Pendleton and Delgado hit the ground. Both had submission attempts, but after a scramble, Pendleton locked on to an armbar. He got the submission 1:48 into the round.

Ventith Khamphouy of Impact Martial Arts made a successful debut against Dillon Balbach, who also was making his debut.

Khamphouy had Balbach in a deep armbar in the first round. But Balbach showed incredible heart, refusing to tap. He survived that brutal submission attempt, but in the second Khamphouy went right back to work and this time he got the job done. He was able to take Balbach's back and sink in a rear-naked choke for a submission win :56 into the second.

James Mundell also won in the second round against newcomer Levi Milhausen. The first round was fantastic, featuring seemingly nonstop scrambles. Both fighters displayed excellent wrestling and submission defense.

Milhausen got the better of one scramble in the first, and he had Mundell on the ground, raining down punches. Mundell offered his back, and Milhausen didn't let up, continuing to throw heavy hands. One of the shots hit the back of the head, though, according to ref Joe Fipp. He stopped the fight and warned Milhausen. No point was taken, but Milhausen was forced to give up his dominant position.

In the second, it was Mundell getting the better of a quick scramble, jumping straight to Milhausen's back. It didn't take long for Mundell to sink in the choke, getting the finish :25 into the first.

Linzy Smith started the night with a rear-naked choke finish against newcomer Gustavo Flores.

Both Smith and Mundell missed weight.

Driller returns to Austin on Dec. 16 with A-Town Throwdown XII.


Fighter of the night: Robert Confer.

Fight of the night: Joey Hart vs. Cesar Mercado.

Knockout of the night: Bobbe Dulitz.

Submission of the night: Jay Paulson.



Quick results • 3-18-17


165 — Jonas Flok def. Deangelo Curtis by submission due to arm triangle choke at 1:13 of second round.


160 — Jay Paulson def. Juan Hernandez by submission due to rear-naked choke at 1:53 of first round. * - title fight

135 — James Krause-Simmons def. Eliot Jurries by submission due to rear-naked choke at 1:03 of first round. * - title fight

155 — Bobbe Dulitz def. Jesse Hernandez by TKO at 1:26 of first round.

145 — Andy Foss def. Weston Droegemueller by KO at 1:02 of second round.

175 — Robert Confer def. Giovanni Alvarado by submission due to guillotine choke at 1:15 of first round.

145 — Robert Andrews def. Josh Ruiz by submission due to rear-naked choke at 1:46 of second round.

160 — Dustin Klapperick def. Ramiro Rivas by TKO at 2:19 of first round.

170 — Joey Hart and Cesar Mercado fight to a split draw (28-29, 29-27, 28-28).

185 — Henry Pendleton def. Leon Delgado by submission due to armbar at 1:48 of second round.

160 — Venith Khamphouy def. Dillon Balbach by submission due to rear-naked choke at :56 of second round.

160 — James Mundell def. Levi Milhausen by submission due to rear-naked choke at :25 of second round.

200 — Linzy Smith def. Gustavo Flores by submission due to rear-naked choke at 1:02 of first round.